Over time, the skin changes. Reasonable changes with age is certainly not an issue, but what if your skin is ‘old’ is much older than your current biological age?

Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder

Oxygen Supply
Although hormonal problems are affecting the quality of the skin. You can also take part tablets, at least keep the metabolism to run smoothly. Of course that does not deceive the skin display your actual age. One of them with oxygen supply. Why? Because, at the age of 30, a layer of human skin will lose about 65% oxygen levels.

As with other organs, the skin also needs oxygen to the regeneration of cells. This oxygen must always be new and guaranteed its existence. Of the cell formation process until exfoliation, oxygen is supplied through the vascular system was as if she never stopped flowing. Even a medical study to prove the main cause of skin ‘aging’ because of lack of oxygen supply. No wonder the issue of potential oxygen cause premature aging.

Fortunate in the world of beauty technology is known that oxygen therapy can make her skin look younger, healthier, and refreshed.

Treatment that includes favorites also encourage some cosmetics manufacturers to create similar products that contain oxygen booster oxygenated mineral formula.

Call it the type of oxygen or oxygen inhalation spray is deliberately designed more practical and economical. Or treatment with a mask or facial oxygen for more advanced treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation
In addition to the supply of oxygen, skin rejuvenation or skin rejuvenation can be considered to overcome the skin that are already ‘aged’ earlier. In popular terms, skin rejuvenation is an effort to encourage skin renewal rate or regeneration of the skin to return to near normal cycle, ie 21 days. By restoring skin to its original cycle (following the skin silus age children) then the skin will stay supple.

However, this treatment provides a variety of options. So, to find the most suitable to the needs of the skin, you are required to consult with an expert. Skin Rejuvenation today because it is generally better able to restore the skin laxity (sagging skin), helping to prevent and disguise wrinkles in the face caused by muscle contraction, and fill in the wrinkles (face sculpting). It’s complete, but that if the age of your skin is already aging.

Treat your skin fair.
Take care to use products that actually correspond to the current age of your skin. Not your age. Therefore these two things are different issues. Age signifies about your time on earth, was ‘skin age’ implies activity and record your habits over the years.

Confused measure it? Do not dizzy, easy. For example, if your biological age is currently around 25-30 years but got the rhythm of life type ‘hectic-stress’ that is with the extra activity in air-conditioned room or even exposed to sunlight.

Plus-style diet ‘important meal’ plus rest time is proportional to the ‘deadline job’, that means you need leather products which is roughly equivalent to women aged 35 years. Just five to ten years older than your current biological age.