Receiving a call from the local police station might be nerve racking, but letting you know that a family member, loved one or friend is in jail, changes the tone of the situation dramatically. You first thought, or priority is to get the person out of jail by way of using a bond. The amount of the bond will depend entirely on how strong the charges against the individual are. Also, bail laws vary dramatically from state to state. Finding a suitable guarantor will ensure the process runs smoothly and the person to post the bond in a satisfactory manner. For more information on the subject be sure to check out

Follow these steps to find a great bondsman

  • Get to know the bail bond process. Before you embark on the quest to finding the right bondsman you need to familiarize yourself with what goes on when posting for bail. Bail is simply an amount of money, which is determined by the court, that the accused must give to get an early release. Now, when you hire a bail agent to post the bond, he is stating that the person accused will return at a later date to court (which is also necessary due to legal reasons). In essence, a bail bond is an agreement between the government and the person trying to be let off the hook.
  • Be aware of bail bond costs. The Department of Insurance supervises fees and usually fluctuate between a 10-20% charge based on the amount of the bond value. If the bond is set for $20,000, then the charge will be $2,000-$4,000. If the accused decides to skip town, the bondsman will then have to pay the amount, and of course, the person will have to pay all of the cost back.
  • Search for a bail guarantor. Whether online or in the popular yellow pages, searching and finding results should not be a hassle. When having found one, make sure to take your time and investigate their background. Ensure you are getting quality service for your money. If the search part has not given you the desired results, then check with the defendant’s lawyer. Lawyers may have in their contact list a number or two for reputable bail agents. Be sure to use everything at your disposal for finding great help to your case.
  • Know every detail of the agent. We mean every little detail on the matter. Beginning with the agent´s personal score (if he or she has ever been credited one). This is more of a safe step, just ensuring you are being helped by a reputable and trustworthy bondsman. Also, confirm the agent´s license is currently working. Due to any bad rep received from past cases, or getting their license revoked, make sure your agent is at speed and ok to work.
  • Read before signing. As a grown person about to trust your money and well-being of those inside the jail, you must ensure you are not about to be scammed. Remember always to read your contracts and check for any prior agreements you and your agent might have made.